Spread The Fire Ministries UK: is the personal ministry page for Rick Oldland.

Rick is a pioneering leader.  His passion is to spread the fire of God’s love and presence everywhere.  Rick is now also the Team Leader for Harvest Alliance UK, a global network of churches that has been birthed out of the revival at Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship.  Rick is married to Julie and has three children.

As well as his connections with revivals and renewal networks, Rick is an accredited Baptist Minister and trained at Spurgeon’s College London and serves as the Senior Pastor of The Well Church (formerly known as Ansdell Baptist Church).  His theological degree specialised in Church Planting, Evangelism and Mission Studies.  He has lead and facilitated church planting for many years.  Whilst in London, he was the chair of the London Baptist Church Planting Strategy Group for over 300 churches and a Mission Enabler with the Evangelical Alliance UK.


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